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What’s UMOJA Community Support?

Umoja Community Support (UCOS)  was set up in 2004 and has been a registered charity since 2009. We are based in Manchester, North West.Umoja Community Support (UCOS) group seeks to help all people. We were set up to work with in the United Kingdom and in Africa.  Over time our membership has widened and we work with the local community form all backgrounds and cultures. Umoja Community Support (UCOS) aims are to: Integrate people from different backgrounds and minority ethnic groups to break social barriers improve the quality of life and raise people’s self esteem by organising meetings and activities such as cultural events like arts activities, community cohesion, homework clubs for children etc…Umoja Community Support (UCOS)  also provides information on training, health and social care, crime reduction, employment, benefit advice and volunteering opportunities.



The biggest issue in communities has always been racial and religious differences coupled with cultural values. The addition of religion into their cultures

has refined the cultural statutes over time to create the current versions we see now, so to enable a smooth process all these will have to be taken into

account when setting up communal gatherings.

Westernization is often seen as a debasing/eroding of the original cultural and traditional values by many ethnic groups thus the restraint of many. The easiest

way to do this is to present a level plane of familiarity to allow all cultures to interact without halting the much needed interaction among the communities.